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NEW! Signature Solitaire PA

Most Comprehensive Personal Accident Coverage At Most Affordable Price- Solitaire PA

Do you know that accidents represent the No. 1 cause of hospitalisation in Singapore?

Do you know that average hospitalisation bill in Singapore has accelerated to at least 5 figures in a private hospital?

Presenting to you our Signature Solitaire Personal Accident PlanMost Comprehensive Personal Accident Coverage In ONE PLAN, ONE AFFORDABLE PRICE

A basic medical expenses reimbursement plan may cover some,or all, of your hospital bills. And a critical illness plan may help you with the costs associated with a serious illness such as cancer or heart disease. A personal accident plan helps you to cope with life changes which may come about as a result of accident.

Accidents happen. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. And regardless of age, or overall levels of health and fitness, a serious accident could alter your way of life, If you were injured in an accident and unable to work again, or worse, if you were no longer around to care for your loved ones-wouldn’t you want the peace of mind to know that financial support is at hand?

An Illustration How The Solitaire Persoanl Accident Plan Can Help A Family When The Bread Winner Is Not Around To Provide For His Family Anymore Due To Unforseen Accident.

Mr. Lim, a 34 year old enginner, purchased Solitaire Personal Accident Plan 3 at an annual premium of $477.26,plus the Optional Lifestyle Maintenance Benefits and Optional Accidental Hospitalisation Benefits with additional premiums of $174.73 and $104.70 respectively.

When Mr. Lim was 41, he was involved in a serious traffic accident while driving to work on the expressway. He was hospitalised immediately and spent six days in the intensive care unit, but his injuries proved too severe and Mr. Lim passed away, leaving his wife, his two young children, and his mother as dependents. Prior to his time, no previous claim has been made under the Solitaire personal accident policy that he has bought. Accordingly, the payout for Accidental Death Benefit had grown to 125% of the original principal sum,thanks to renewal bonuses applied in earlier years. Mr. Lim’s wife received the benefits payable under the plan as follow:

Solitaire personal accident plan payout

Whether You are Single of Married, do not take the chance of leaving your income and your family lifestyle to ACCIDENT. Get them covered Today! For a non-obligatory discussion, click here to contact us today!

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